A Space to Connect with Art, Nature, Body, Mind & Soul

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”
Bruce Garrabrandt

Welcome to the website. My name is Amanda Christie

Mindfulness, Art & Forest Bathing+ provide opportunties to connect with Myself, Others and with Nature. This website reflects where my passions lie. There is a Gallery to view.
As someone who practices and teaches Mindfulness there is an invitation to explore / experience some mindfulness practices for yourself.
As a Forest Bathing+ Guide, there's information about what Forest Bathing is and how it can give you the opportunity to connect with Nature.
Pause a while, and browse.....

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  •  05/11/2020 04:49 PM
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Some interesting words /phrases learnt as I've trained to be a Forest Bathing + Guide

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  •  11/05/2020 12:00 AM

Practice of Mindfulness in Uncertain Times

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Spending time under the canopy of the trees; going for a slow walk using the senses to savour the woods. Be guided through a series of sensory exercises; finishing with a moment of relaxation and notice how you feel after. “ Have no particular place in mind to arrive at; other than in each step you make.”

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Dr Qing (Ching) Li describes Shinrin Yoku as being "..like a bridge. By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world. We may not travel very far on our forest walk but, in connecting us with Nature, Shinrin Yoku takes us all the way home to our true selves."

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A Sense & Savour Walk: Find a place in nature you love. Switch off the phone or be daring and leave it behind! If you do this with others; agree not to talk as you walk. You can share what you discovered and or felt after the walk.

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Mindfulness is cultivating moment to moment awareness in the present moment with discernment, kindness and curiosity

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