14 Jul

Some interesting vocabulary:


The trees' aromas ( natural oils, pheremones) which they release as part of their defence and communication mechanisms to protect them against bugs, fungi and bacteria.

Hub Tree

A main tree within the forest that can share its nutrients with its saplings and surrounding trees via the wood wide web.

Mycorrhizal Network

Part of the wood wide web - connecting trees together in ancient / natural woodland. A network where sugars and carbons are exchanged between saplings and a Mother (Hub) tree and also between tree species. In winter - the Evergreens / Coniferous trees sharing with the Deciduous trees and in the Summer months the Deciduous trees sharing with the Evergreens.

Wood -wide web

A term coined to describe the Mycorrhizal Network. Demonstrating that it is not necessarily survival of the fittest but that trees live as a connected community.


The smell that emanates from the earth when rain has fallen.


The process by which plants and fungal structures can become soft or liquid with age or maturity. (trueing to mush!)

Natural Killer Cells

The police of our immune system which breaks down unwanted cells in the body.

Shinrin Yoku

Immersion under the canopy of the trees; bathing our senses in the Forest.

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