1. Have no expectations or goals for the next hour or so as you walk. Allow your body to guide you to where you go. Notice how you feel at the start of this walk. Try and slow down your pace of walking. often our pace may match the pace of our thoughts.

  2. From time to time pause. Look at something that catches your eye. What colours, shades do you see? How does the light fall upon it? Close you eyes and listen to the sounds around  - no need to name them just follow their sound.

  3. Find a comfy spot - possibly near a tree. Sit a while; listen and observe. Feel the air on your skin. Take deep, slow breaths in and out. - really getting them to your belly. The return to your normal breathing; sensing the ground beneath you, supporting you.  You may want to gently close your eyes. Rest like this here for 10 minutes or so, trying to focus on your movement of breath in your body - no worries if the mind wanders just come back to the breath when you notice it does.

  4. When you are ready, open your eyes, gaze at the canopy of trees if you are sitting under them. Notice the patterns and the light dancing between the branches, leaves. Then slowly rise and meander back to where you started your walk. Check out how you feel after the walk.

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I currently run Events at Box Hill, Dorking Surrey. The next one is a 2.5 hr Event on  Sunday 6th December 10.00am -12.30