Studies have shown that spending 2hrs a month in the Forest doing Shinrin Yoku have the following potential benefits to alleviate stress and boost our general well being:

  • Significantly increase our levels of NK cells - part of our immune system
  • Increase hours of sleep
  • Regulate Blood pressure
  • Increase Heart Rate Variability
  • Bring the Nervous System into balance by allowing us to come into our  Parasympathetic Nervous System ( Rest & Digest) as opposed to always (or too much) functioning from  our Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight/ Flight). In other words making us feel more comfortable and having a sense of relaxation about us. Maybe even reducing those never ending thoughts....for just a moment or too!

I am trained as Forest Bathing+ Guide. Why the  '+"? Because as well as the above; practising Mindfulness is an overarching theme - all it is in this case is being aware of the present moments through are senses; noticing what we see, hear, smell, touch, feel in the woods. We also offer a chance for relaxation in the outdoors; lying under the canopy of the trees. By doing all of this; hoping to develop people's connection with Nature.

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