05 Nov

This week I've hardly spent any time outdoors - too caught up with work and sorting out never ending IT problems. Could feel the stress levels rising physically in my body along with my mind filling with angry dialogue. First it was emails that had previously been sending OK now deciding to arrive in people's spamboxes.  Then  having updated the ios system on all my gadgets - the phone decided it wasn't going to record anything on voice memo or have any resemblance of a ring tone. To top it, turn on the desktop - black screen save for the highly irritating colourful spinning wheel telling you something is happening but no idea what.  I was ready to chuck something very heavy at the screen but sufficed with slamming the door shut to my office and disappeared out for a breath of fresh air  to the nearby park

It took a while to calm down and get perspective on the events. What helped was noticing the beautiful changes in colour of the autumnal leaves, sounds of the birds - who were extremely noisy - and just observing life  on the pond.  Also spent some time leaning on a very old and reliable  tree. I was only out for 20 minutes or so -  enough to notice my whole system calming down and the raging inner voice quietening to a reasoned one contemplating how I could sort the IT disaster out.

Returning home, I switched the phone off completely and then recharged it to its full capacity. Hey presto voice memo working again and ringtones restored. E mails... having googled what could be happening; it seems that having a website address as a signature may be causing some emails to go into other people's spam. Why??? So website address removed from signature - emails going through. Bit frustrated by that, but will live with it for the moment. As for the black screen - left the colourful wheel to do its own business and returned to a loaded up desk top.

Glad I took time out of my day to go outside.

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